What if I never tried…

If I began the first word would you meet me at the second? Would you meet me by the end of this page? Oh, the things we could create. With you these words could become a song, perhaps a poem or even a play. Oh, that you would meet me here at the bottom of this page. Without you, my words are just empty vessels scrawled upon this paper void of life. Fill my words with your electricity, make them twirl and spin upon the page. Once etched onto the dead of a tree, now dancing before all who read. Your life is my song,  I’m discovering I’m just like you, creative and free. In you I find me. Oh, that you would meet me here, then we would dance passionately across this page.
But what if I miss you passing by? If I grasped a little to tightly onto another and never see your face? What if my heart misses its beat and I fail to see what was always in front of me…
What if I never tried? Would you still know my name. Would I still want to dance if I never leave this room? Is my fragile heart still embraced by gentle hands? Oh, what would this page look like if I never scratched a word? Passion and prose, energy and joy would they still be mine to behold? Would I still be bold to begin?  If I never tried…
But what if I finally chose to decide? What if I let go and fall back into the wind? Catch me or not, your grass is soft beneath my feet. Though I walk alone, you never let me go. You didn’t just hold my heart, you treasured every beat of it, you breathed with it. You loved my every failed attempt as much as you hailed the triumphs. How can it be? How did I not see that you have loved me all this time. You didn’t meet me at the bottom of this page, you were dancing and singing over me; holding the pencil and beckoning me, “come, join the fun with me”. Your words wash over me like a river, your power pulsates in my every movement, how did I not see?  Like a moth to a flame, are my dreams to your desire. When my dreams met you, I was undone. You set my life aglow with your raging fire.When you call, I will take that chance. When final breath is drawn I will know that I came to life when I danced your dance.
So, what if I never tried…

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